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An efficient system
our top-priority


Our strict quality assurance consist of :

  • Implementation of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015, Food Safety Management System FSSC 22000, SNI and also Halal Assurance System
  • Participating in technological collaboration and knowledge transfer with overseas parties
  • Participating in proficiency testing at national and international levels periodically to improve analysis method and the analyst competence to provide accurate and reliable testing results
  • Laboratory instruments for quality testing are calibrated periodically to ensure that the instruments used are in proper condition
  • Maintain and improve product quality and food safety continuously by following the latest regulations and new inventions to minimize contamination of hazardous materials and increase the nutritional value of product therefore the product can be accepted and compete in the market
  • The Analysis method follows the national and international standard of edible oil and fat testing
  • Using only the best quality and sustainable of crude oils
  • Employing only the highest standard equipment’s from developed markets
  • Optimizing PT Wahana Citra Nabati’s Research Center to continuously improve raw materials and final products
  • Utilizing a pilot plant for research, both for product development and to meet customer demand before mass production is carried out.
  • RSPO Supply Chain Certification, as a member of Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil, we are taking an active part in responsible sourcing of raw materials
PT Wahana Citra

Food Safety
Management System

With main product application are for food industries, since very beginning PT. Wahana Citra Nabati implement Food Safety Management System in production process and supply chain to prevent and control potential hazard of physical, chemical and biological

PT Wahana Citra

We took initiative and continuous improvement

We took initiative to implement HACCP (Hazard Identification Critical Control Point) that first Certification by SGS was in 2003. This certification is integrated with ISO 9001 as QFSMS that in line with our business commitment to produce consistent products with high quality and safe for human consumption. For continuous improvement, in 2007 we did upgrade to ISO 22000 as more comprehensive food safety standard.

Adopting Food Safety Requirement

As food safety requirement develop rapidly in global scale, we try to adopt it by implementing FSSC 22000 as new standard recognized by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) and got first certification in 2013. We also keep up with the latest version of FSSC 22000 standard with version 5 has been assessed in 2020.

By implementation of FSSC 22000 and manage to meet customer requirements we commit and responsible to make healthy and safe product through:

  • HACCP Implementation throughout the process and supply chain
    This system also covering identification, assessment and control of hazards from material, process and environment.
  • Good Manufacturing Practice
    Personal hygiene has become culture in our employee activity. We have been prepared facility as foundation for effectiveness of our Food Safety Management System.
  • Management of allergen
    We identify all allergen material and control it to comply with the requirements.
  • Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism).
    We manage to use non-GMO product by selecting the source and doing verification using PCR test periodically.
  • Threat Assessment Critical Control Point (TACCP) and Vulnerability Assessment Critical Control Point (VACCP).
    We built up the system to protect our product from fraud of our upstream supply chain and prevent sabotage in our operation.
  • Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP)
    We identify and control highly potential contamination from environment

Implementation of FSSC 22000 and manage to meet customer requirements


Food Safety
Management System


Quality Management System


RSPO - Segregation &
Mass Balance


Halal Assurance
System - MUI




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