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Palm Oil Sustainability Workshop

27 November 2019


We conducted Palm Oil Sustainability workshop on 27 November 2019 at Gran Mercure Hotel Kemayoran.

This Gathering is one of the agenda conducted by PT Wahana Citra Nabati to engage palm oil supplier about sustainability based on NDPE (No Deforestation, Peat, and Exploitation). The purpose of this event was to socialize our new palm oil sustainable policy based on NDPE and engage palm oil supplier to implement palm oil sustainable principle and support us to continuous maintain Palm Oil Traceability to Mill and to Plantation.

Most of our palm oil suppliers are attended this workshop from sustainable team and marketing team. In this event we are supported by Neste and CORE (Proforest and Daemeter) that help us to describe more about NDPE element and the important of NDPE implementation in whole palm oil supply chain.

“Material Presentation by PT WCN”

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