PT Wahana Citra PT Wahana Citra



Become an Ordinary Member of RSPO which is fast-growing community of actors in the palm oil industry who are working to make sustainable palm oil the norm


RSPO Supply Chain Certification in category Segregation and Mass Balance. First certification by SGS then transferring to TUV Rheinland in 2016.


Started to supply RSPO Certified Palm Oil – SG to the customers.


A member of SEDEX that prohibit illegal, forced or child labour. We commit within our operations to the respect and protection of human rights, no discrimination in hiring and employment contract, legal working hour and compensation, access to training and promotion, no unlawful document retention, occupational health and safety, maintain and protect of employment of workers record, sufficient accommodation and right to join trade union


Announced Sustainable Palm Oil Policy covering No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE). Then we have been to raise awareness among our internal operational as well as our Palm Oil suppliers. We will continue to promote responsible palm oil procurement to ensure that palm oil is accepted around the world as a sustainable raw material. Along with Sustainable Palm Oil Policy we recognized that traceability is important to encourage improvement in supply chains. We Initiate to have TDD for all Palm Oil origin traceable back to Mills. In the same year we could achieve 100% palm oil traceable to mills.


Began to have TDD back to Plantation and share questionnaire about NDPE to supplier.


Conducted Certification of International Sustainability and Carbon Certification Waste and Residue (ISCC w/r) by SGS


Improve palm oil sustainable policy with more in detail about NDPE. Published it in company website along with grievance procedure.


Improve internal procedure for palm oil procurement by considering NDPE issue.