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PT. Wahana Citra
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PT Wahana Citra

We’re the leading producer of high quality palm oil products in Indonesia

PT Wahana Citra

PT Wahana Citra Nabati develops its sales team to be flexible and adaptable towards various customers and the industry they operate in. With 20 years worth of experience, the sales team is tailored to fully capitalize the market growth.

PT. Wahana Citra Nabati

With annual production capacity of 300,000 metric tons, PT Wahana Citra Nabati is a leading player within Indonesian palm, coconut, palm kernel and soft oils industry. Established in 1999, PT Wahana Citra Nabati aims to capitalize on :

  • Leading position as Highest Quality of Palm Oil producer in Indonesia
  • The ample supply of fresh and high quality raw materials on demand
  • Exciting new applications for palm and lauric based products
  • Increased global awareness of environmentally “green” products
  • Constant consumer demand for “healthier” ingredients and food products
  • Management’s in excess of 30 years experience in the palm oil manufacturing and related business
PT Wahana Citra


To be the best in the industry for delivering fresh best quality product, just in time!


To be an internationally reputable brand with the highest consistent product quality that is focused on customer satisfication