PT Wahana Citra Nabati’s plant in Jakarta was built using German-Malaysian Engineering, technology and knowledge. It is fully automated and controlled by a PLC + PC System. Strict maintenance evaluations are performed regularly to ensure smooth and uninterrupted production. In line with PT Wahana Citra Nabati’s uncompromising quality standards, the new plant facilities the following features :

  • Higher yield from the CPO
  • Pure products
  • Odor less product
  • Better and increased product range
  • Improved consistency of products
  • Greater flexibility (e.g. for customizing orders with specific demands)

To ensure punctuality in delivery and maintain product quality, PT Wahana Citra Nabati embraces Total Process Planning which included the following methods :

  • Providing nitrogen blanketing of storage tanks
  • Employing PT Wahana Citra Nabati’s own fleet of ship and road tankers to minimize disruptions
  • Employing food grade stainless steel road tankers to ensure optimum conditions during delivery


PT Wahana Citra Nabati is committed to provide its customers with the highest standards of quality, consistency and reliability. All personnel are driven by the corporate objective of delivering the right quality product on time, every time, to all customers.

In recognition of its commitment to and achievement of consistent quality of not only delivery product, but also throughout the production and management processes, PT Wahana Citra Nabati applied for and achieved ISO 22000 in 2005, ISO 9001 in 2008 and Halal certification from Indonesia Ulama Council.

PT Wahana Citra Nabati’s concern on palm oil sustainability issues is demonstrated by becoming a Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil’s member as of March 22 nd, 2010.

PT Wahana Citra Nabati quality control starts from raw materials evaluation, ensuring that quality standards begin at the very beginning. PT Wahana Citra Nabati operates a 24 hours Quality Control Program, which is supported by modern equipment such as gas chromatography, nuclear magnetic resonance, NIR infrared, and spectrophotometer, etc.

The company’s quality control adheres to international standard such as Good manufacturing Practices (GMP) and product Safety Assurance to ensure product integrity. PT Wahana Citra Nabati continues to upgrade and improve its production quality control and quality assurance procedures.