PT Wahana Citra Nabati(WCN) is committed to produce the highest quality refined palm oil products by ensuring that sustainable palm oil practices are well implemented through its strategies and policies. As a supply chain actor in the food chain industry, WCN strives to-build a traceable and transparent palm oil supply chain by cooperating with NGOs and our industry partners who are committed to:

  • No deforestation of high carbon stock or high conservation value area and no burning
  • No development on peat
  • No exploitation of peoples and local communities

WCN will only process and trade palm oil product that are traceable to mill and do not violate the aforementioned commitments in its business operations. Additionally, our target is having all of our refined palm oil product traceable back to plantation by 2020.

WCN is also a member of SEDEX, a membership organization for ethical supply chain that against illegal, forced or child labor. We commit within our operations to the respect and protection of human rights. This includes ensuring no discrimination in hiring and employment practices, adhering to legal working hours and compensation requirements, providing access to training and promotion opportunities, guarding occupational health and safety, maintaining and protecting workers’ employment records, not engaging in unlawful document retention, ensuring sufficient accommodation, and honoring workers’, right to form and join trade unions.

As an active member of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), WCN believes the RSPO possesses many of the responsive tools to enact sustainable changes. Accordingly, WCN has actively supplied RSPO certified palm oil to our customers since 2013.WCN has published annual time-bound implementation plans, available on the RSPO website, to the RSPO since 2011. We will continue our effort to promote RSPO products to our customers and to support the demand for sustainable products.

WCN will continue collaboration and will apply to all of our third party palm oil suppliers from whom we purchase or with whom we have a trading relationship and drive them to implement all provisions containedin this policy.

WCN will review our sustainability policy annually at the minimum internally, to accommodate any changes and updates that may have occurred in the sustainable palm oil landscape, and to evaluate the implementation of our sustainability policy.The annual report on the implementation of WCN sustainability policy will be published transparently and available to general public.